About the company and guarantees

1. How to verify the authenticity of a company registration

We conduct a transparent business, therefore the certificate of registration of our company is posted on the home page of our website.
2. Why do you have such favorable interest rates

We can afford our investors such high returns for three reasons:
First, our online business is growing rapidly as there are no physical constraints for it. Our main service is server rental, which is in demand in all countries of the world. At least until 2030, we will maintain the current growth rates, it is not difficult as long as we are a relatively small company that can double its revenue every year and share with investors.
Secondly, we save a lot of money by working with investors directly, online and without intermediaries. We don't need to spend money on an office, and we don't need to hire a lot of staff. We made a personal account and automated all processes. Our investors replenish the balance themselves and the funds immediately go to work. Thirdly, we set more goals and are ready to share part of our income with investors in order to achieve them. We don't care about short-term profit. Our goal is to capture the maximum market share. Growth rate is everything in an online business, and without investment, you can't grow faster than others.
3. Do you conclude some kind of cooperation agreement with investors

The company concludes a formal investment agreement with each partner, where all the conditions of our cooperation are spelled out. You can download it in your personal account or receive the original documentwe signed by mail.
4. How risky are investments

Investing in any business is a certain amount of risk, but we have done everything to ensure that your investments are safe, namely:
● Daily income payment
● Amounts and terms of investment available for everyone.
● Deposit insurance up to $ 100,000 per investor.
● Our online business is global and does not depend on one country.
5. Why do you need investors

Why do we need investors and why is it unprofitable for us to work with banks? The answer to the first question is obvious - so that the business can grow faster and achieve even higher revenue. We set more goals and are ready to share part of our income with investors in order to achieve them. In online business, the growth rate is everything, you need to have time to capture the maximum market share. The answer to the second question is that granting loans to legal entities (companies) in Russia is not at all the same thing as loans to individuals. Every entrepreneur can confirm this. After analyzing all the conditions and calculating the costs, we came to the conclusion that working with investors directly online is more profitable for us.
6. Does everything happen online? Don't have to go anywhere

Of course, we have automated all the processes so that clients from all over the world can become our investors, as well as to save money on offices and staff. At the same time, we remain in the legal field: we conclude an agreement with each investor and send all the necessary documents in a way convenient for you.
7. Why the maximum deposit period is six months

We work in a dynamic area and our company is growing rapidly, so every six months we analyze the results and update the strategy, calculate how much investment we may need. This allows us to make sure that investors' money always works, and does not just sit in the company's accounts.
In case of changes in the terms of deposits, they will affect ONLY new investors. For existing deposits that were made before the change of conditions - no changes will affect, you do not need to worry about it.

Account creation and security

1. How to create an account and become an investor

After registering (link to registration), you immediately receive a personal account, in order to become an investor, you just need to top up your balance and open a deposit by choosing any tariff plan.
2. I can't log into my account, what should I do

Most likely, you entered the wrong username and password. Read about password recovery in the answer to the question “I forgot my password, how can I restore access?”. If you have forgotten your email or have any other difficulties, please contact our support, for example, through the online site on the website, we will definitely help you.
3. Can I register multiple accounts

No, this is prohibited. If multiple accounts of the same user are found, the accounts will be blocked along with the account.
4. I forgot my password, how can I restore access

On the account login page, click on the "forgot password" link and follow the instructions for password recovery via email. If you have forgotten your email or have any other difficulties, please contact our support, for example, through the online site on the website, we will definitely help you.
5. How do I change my password

After entering your personal account, click on the "personal profile" button located in the "account" block on the home page of the account. There you will see a field for entering a new password.
6. How can I secure my account

On our part, we have already taken all possible measures to protect our clients' accounts, however, we ask you to follow the following tips in order not to become victims of fraudsters:
1. Do not share your site password with anyone.
2. Before entering your password, make sure you are on the original website of the company.
3. Be attentive to letters on behalf of the company - check website addresses.
4. Use complex passwords.
5. Use antivirus and basic security measures.
6. Do not log into your account from other people's devices.

About ordering a bank card

1. What is this card and why is it needed

This is a joint card with a well-known bank, which is our partner. It is linked to your balance in our company. The main convenience is that you can immediately pay for purchases or withdraw funds from an ATM, since the card has one single balance with your account in our company. You do not have to order payments to other cards and wallets every time.
2. Who can order the card

Now the card is available only for VIP-investors with deposits of more than 500 thousand rubles, but we are working to make it available to smaller investors as well.
3. How to reissue a card

If you have lost your card, just write to support and ask for a reissue. We will send a new card within a week.
4. I forgot my pin code, what should I do

Contact support and get instructions from us on how to recover your code.
5. How many cards can I order

No more than one card per person.

Deposits and balance replenishment

1. How to create a deposit

Immediately after authorization in your personal account, you will see a page with a button “create a deposit” and a link to the instruction. You just need to top up your balance and select the desired deposit rate.
2. How can I see the profit? Where are the charges

There is a list of your active deposits on the "Deposits" page in your personal account. In order to look at the charges for a specific deposit, click on the "charges" button.
3. Can I replenish an existing deposit

Of course, at any time you can replenish the deposit. Click on the "replenish" button next to the desired deposit.
4. What is the minimum investment amount

You can invest any amount from 500 rubles to hundreds of thousands. Due to the fact that we have done all the processes online, we can afford to work even with novice investors, because it does not take up our time.
5. Why were there no profit accruals today

To look at the charges for a specific deposit, click on the "charges" button. If there are no charges for today, most likely:
- it was a non-working day, charges are made only on weekdays.
- either the term of the deposit has already ended, all charges have been made.
6. Can I create multiple deposits

Yes, it is not prohibited. You can create an unlimited number of deposits.
7. How to combine deposits

In the "Deposits" section next to each contribution there is a "Combine" button. You can combine two different deposits, but with some conditions:
1. Deposits must be made in the same payment systems.
2. Only a deposit with a rate not lower than the current deposit can be selected for combining. After combining, instead of the two old ones, a new deposit is displayed, with the amount that was on the two old ones, and the date of creation of the deposit is reflected already new, not the old one.
8. What payment instruments does your company work with

You can invest using cards: Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / World. You can also use payment systems: Yandex Money, Perfect Money, Payeer and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash Ripple. The list of payment systems can be supplemented, this will be announced on the Company's website.


Withdrawals, withdrawals

1. How to withdraw money

In your personal account, go to the "Withdraw" page through the main menu. Select the account from which you want to withdraw money. Indicate how much you want to withdraw and enter your payment details. Click “Submit Payment Request”. It will be processed within 24 hours from the receipt of the application.
2. Where can I withdraw money

Withdrawals are available in the same way that you invested. For example, if you replenished the balance from the card, then the withdrawal will be available only to the card. In total, our investor has more than 7 methods to choose from - cards of any banks, payment systems, cryptocurrencies.
3. How long to wait for the withdrawal of funds

Withdrawals are made within 24 hours of receiving a withdrawal request from you. Perfect Money paid instantly.

Affiliate Program

1. What is it and how it works

Investment Status Affiliate Program is a way to make money by attracting other investors (referrals) to our company. For each referral you attract, you receive a lifetime reward - 5% from the sum of all his deposits.
2. Why is it needed Investment Status

We believe it is fair to share income with those who help promote our company - members of the affiliate program. Therefore, we practically do not spend money on ordinary advertising, because the best advertising is the recommendations of our real investors who have received a positive experience and tell their friends about it.
3. How much can you earn from one referral

The reward is 5% from all deposits of the referral (investor) you attracted. You can refer an unlimited number of referrals.
4. How to attract referrals

You can tell your friends about the company and give your referral link for registration, or promote more actively - share your link on forums and social networks, buy paid advertising, etc. In your partner's office you can take our banners and other promotional materials.
5. What is the minimum payout amount

The minimum withdrawal amount is 300 rubles or $ 5, for the Perfect Money payment system the minimum amount is $ 0.1.
6. What methods can be used to withdraw the reward

You can withdraw your earnings to e-wallets and bank cards.
7. I can register a second account myself

This is strictly prohibited, we track such actions in many ways. In case of registration of additional referral accounts, we reserve the right to block accounts permanently for violating company rules.