About Investment Status

Investment Status is a modern but stable online business. The easiest way to explain to you the essence of our business is to ask a leading question - have you ever wondered where the sites you visit are stored? Where are the texts and pictures on this page loaded from, for example?

Answer - Servers. Any website or service on the Internet is hosted on a server that is connected to the network around the clock and serviced by specialists. The modern world is impossible without high-speed information transfer.

We make money on this - we rent our servers to large customers. Our unique developments allow us to squeeze the maximum capacity from each server - this provides us with a higher profitability. Before launching our own servers, we worked at the largest data centers for more than 5 years and put together a team of true professionals in their field.

Our main asset is not hardware, anyone can buy it, servers are just a tool. Our main asset is our team and unique software development.

Why is this reliable?

Gone are the days when factories and factories were considered a symbol of reliability. Online business is often more sustainable - it cannot be taken away or stolen, and most importantly, it can grow indefinitely, there are no borders or countries for it. Take a look at the TOP 10 most valuable companies in the world in 2020 - 7 out of 10 are Internet companies!

Here are 5 reasons why our business is reliable:

1. Clients from all over the world, not dependent on one country.

Our services and services are used by companies from different continents - Europe, Asia, USA, South Africa. About 50% of our revenue comes from the foreign market, so we are not afraid of a fall in the exchange rate of the ruble or other currencies.

2. Quarantines and outbreaks do not affect our work.

Not only our business, but also the work of our employees is built online, remotely. Past quarantines have not affected our work in any way. We even won because people began to spend more time on the Internet and consume content - the demand for servers from Internet projects increased.

3. Do not keep all eggs in one basket

Despite the fact that server rent is the main source of income, since last year we have started to launch new directions - using servers for our own projects, for example, cloud mining of cryptocurrencies, as well as developing trading robots for financial companies.

4. Accumulated base of active clients

By investing in us, you are investing in a ready-made business that already works, pays interest daily and grows. You do not have to wait and take risks as with startups and miracle projects.

5. Insurance contract

We automatically conclude a deposit insurance agreement with each investor. It is free, our insurance partner AXA Group guarantees our depositors insurance up to 150,000 thousand dollars.

Benefits for investors

1. Minimum entry threshold

2. Daily benefits

3. High profitability

Start earning


We started our journey in 2007 as hired network infrastructure and server configuration specialists. At that time, we still could not dream of our own data centers with hundreds of servers, but we gained invaluable experience helping social networks and other large customers from Asia to optimize their servers, ensure the maximum speed of websites.

In 2010 we created the first version of our product, this software increased the performance of each server by up to 30%, which gave huge savings in hardware.

In 2015, we attracted the first private investor, which allowed us to purchase the first batch of servers and launch our own data centers. Becoming in one person the owner of the servers and the software developer.

In 2019, we entered the global market, for the sake of rapid growth, we decided to lower the investment threshold and automate processes so that anyone who wants to can become our investor and make money with us.