Invest any amount,
Payments of income every day

Transparent percentages and terms. Your stable source of income
  • from 20 days Minimum investment period.
  • from 500 rubles The minimum investment amount is available to everyone
  • 5 minutes Will register and create a deposit
  • 1.3% Per day. High profitability due to new technologies.

How does Investment Status make money?

By investing in us - you are investing in a modern online business with unlimited growth. We earn on our servers 24/7 and for the sake of accelerating the growth of the company, we are ready to share income with investors.

Our projects

Why our business is reliable?

  • 1 Clients from all over the world - no dependence on one country
  • 2 An online business that is not afraid of quarantines and epidemics
  • 3 Distribution of investments over several projects
  • 4 Accumulated base of active clients
  • 5 Risk insurance contract
  • 8982 clients
  • 5463 investors
  • 500+ servers
  • 4 companies

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Investment Status Reviews

Trust only verified reviews on popular platforms, thanks to daily payments, you can see for yourself - you can withdraw interest to your wallet within a day after depositing.

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We have public chats where anyone can ask a question or share a review. Everything happens in real time, check it out for yourself.


Company number 12771619

Registered office address
165 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom, SW7 1DW


How to check?

You can check the registration of our company yourself by going to this link to the official UK Registry website. In the search form, enter our company number - 12771619 and you will see that these documents posted on our website match the information from the official register.

Why UK?

This is one of the best jurisdictions for doing business. Registration in the UK guarantees protection of the company's property and the rights of its investors. Secondly, it is convenient for working with international clients and investors.

Bank cards

In partnership with the bank, we also offer an exclusive card linked to the “Investment Status” balance.
Single balance of the card and your personal account
The ability to pay at any online and regular store.
Full card issued by the partner bank in our design.


You choose how to invest:
we have developed 4 plans that will suit every investor
“1 month”
  • Minimum deposit 500Р
    or 10$
  • Maximum deposit 50 000Р
    or 700$
  • Profitability 0.7%
  • Term 20 working days
  • Withdrawals daily
“3 months”
  • Minimum deposit 50 000Р
    or 700$
  • Maximum deposit 200 000Р
    or 2 850$
  • Profitability 0.9%
  • Term 60 working days
  • Withdrawals daily
“6 months”
  • Minimum deposit 200 000Р
    or 2 850$
  • Maximum deposit 1 000 000Р
    or 14 300$
  • Profitability 1.1%
  • Term 120 working days
  • Withdrawals daily
Invest Most popular plan
“9 months”
  • Minimum deposit 500 000Р
    or 14 300$
  • Maximum deposit 10 000 000Р
    or 143 000$
  • Profitability 1.3%
  • Term 180 working days
  • Withdrawals daily

4 steps from registration
before receiving passive income

01 Registration on the site Register on our website, it will take less than a minute.
02 Plan selection and account replenishment Select a plan and create a deposit by replenishing the balance with a card online or in other ways.
03 Track income in your account Full deposit statistics, we are online 24/7
04 Get paid anytime Withdrawal requests are processed online, support for all payment systems.
More than 10 ways to deposit and withdraw money

Questions and answers

Why do you have such favorable interest rates

We can afford our investors such high returns for three reasons:

First, our online business is growing rapidly as there are no physical constraints. Our main service is server rental, which is in demand in all countries of the world. At least until 2030, we will maintain the current growth rate, it is not difficult as long as we are a relatively small company that can double its revenue every year and share with investors.

Secondly, we save a lot of money at the expense of work with investors directly, online and without intermediaries. We don’t need to spend money on an office, we don’t need to hire a lot of staff. We made a personal account and automated all processes - our investors replenish the balance themselves and the funds immediately go to work.

Third, we set more goals and are ready to share part of our income with investors to achieve them. We do not care about momentary profit, our goal is to capture the maximum market share. In online business, growth rate is everything, and without investment it is impossible to grow faster than others.

How to create an account and become an investor?

After passing registration you immediately get a personal account, in order to become an investor, you just need to top up your balance and open a deposit by choosing any tariff plan.

What is the minimum investment size?

You can invest any amount from 500 rubles to hundreds of thousands. Due to the fact that we have done all the processes online, we can afford to work even with novice investors, because it does not take up our time.

Why do you need investors?

Why do we need investors and why is it unprofitable for us to work with banks?

The answer to the first question is obvious - so that the business can grow faster and achieve even higher revenues. We set more goals and are ready to share part of our income with investors in order to achieve them. In online business, the growth rate determines everything, you need to have time to capture the maximum market share.

The answer to the second question is that issuing loans to legal entities (companies) in Russia is not at all the same as a loan for individuals. Every entrepreneur can confirm this. After analyzing all the conditions and calculating the costs, we came to the conclusion that working with investors directly online is more profitable for us.

Why is the maximum deposit period 9 months?

We work in a dynamic area and our company is growing rapidly, so every 9 months we analyze the results and update the strategy, calculate how much investment we may need. This allows us to make sure that investors money always works, and not just lay in the company's accounts.

In case of changes in the terms of deposits, they will affect ONLY new investors. For existing deposits that were made before the change of conditions - no changes will affect, you do not need to worry about it.

How to verify the authenticity of the company registration?

You can check the registration of our company yourself, go to by this link to the official UK Registry website. In the search form, enter our company number - 12771619 and you will see that these documents posted on our website match the information from the official register.

Is everything happening online? You do not need to go anywhere?

Of course, we have automated all processes so that clients from all over the world can become our investors, as well as to save money on offices and staff. At the same time, we remain in the legal field - we conclude an agreement with each investor, send all the necessary documents in a way convenient for you.